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Busy, Busy, Busy!

How am I ever gonna get time ter do anythin'! I've got to grade papers, make my costume fer the Ball, and get a suit fer the wedding(which is tomarrow!). I was gonna wear me old one bu' Harry and Ron said not to. I'l have ter go ter Hogsmeade durin' me break and then grade papers at night. Fer the Ball I have my costume figured out bu' I have no idea how I'm gonna make it! I mnaged ter find the time ter Owl Olympe and ask if she could come on Halloween. She said she would and she's already got her costume! I wish I could have jus' one day off ter make my costume fer the Ball, by a suit fer the weddin', an' finish gradin' those tests the 2nd years took 3 weeks ago! An' my birthday is on Sunday, bu' I'm too old ter be planning parties! 67! Time sure flies! I hope at leas' one person remembers. Jus' a little "Happy birthday!" might cheer me up.
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Dear me, Hagrid, you sure have a lot on your plate. I'll present your gift now since I won't be around for your birthday. Hope you like it, Hagrid.

Happy Birthday Hagrid!

-Madam Pomfrey
Wow! Thanks Madam Pomfrey! How did yeh know the only instrument I could play was the flute? An' I love the carved pictures on it!
You are most welcome Hagrid. Actually I heard it from Harry that you could play the flute so I had this commissioned to be made for you.

-Madam Pomfrey
Hagrid, you're NOT going to get your birthday present from me until the day of. Sorry those are the rules =p

Listen though Hagrid, I'll be more than happy to go and pick up a suit for you in Hogsmeade that way you still have time to grade your papers. Let me know alright.

You will? Thank yeh soooo much Harry! Really. Bu' are yeh sure yeh'll be able ter find one big enough?
Don't worry Hagrid... I'll be able to find something. I'm on my way now but I'll be back before dark. Hrm, I suppose I should get one for myself as well seeing that I've been invited to the wedding. Well see you later.