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The Wedding

Wow!! The wedding went perfect! It was probably a dream come true for Madam Pomfrey an’ Moody! After the ceremony I danced a bit. Professor McGonagall is a pretty good dancer, but I think I stepped on her toes a few times. Madam Hooch is also pretty good. I talked ter Moody a bit also. He seems…different since I las’ talked ter him. I wonder if he’s going ter get on the school LiveJournal now that he lives here.

Well, now I’m exhausted. Got some papers ter grade. At least the wedding’s over with. Now all I have ter worry about is the Ball, an’ my birthday doesn’ need any worryin’ ‘bout anymore. Madam Pomfrey already got me a present. It was a flute, a beautiful one at that. Harry said “Happy Birthday” but he wouldn’ tell me what he got me. I jus’ have a feelin’ inside me that says “Yer gonna have a great birthday Hagrid!”
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